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You can also have the starters as a main cousre

Mushroomsoup with hodemade bread 

Soup of the day with homemade bread

Smoked trout with homemade dandelion honey and salad 

Salad with sundried tomatoes, olives and feta cheese

Bacon salad rucola, fried mushrooms, croutons and balsamic

Sandwiches and burgers

Hot sandwich with ham and cheese

Country sandwich with bacon, ham roasted and fresh vegetables and mustard sauce

Hamburger with sauce, cheese and lettuce

Hamburger with bbq sauce, cheese, bacon, onion and lettuce

Bardardalur style with sauce, cheese, lettuce, bacon and fried egg

Double burger with sauce, cheese and lettuce

Vegetable burger with salsa, lettuce, tomatoes and onion

Main courses

Fillet of lamb spiced with local herbs with roasted vegetables and potatoes 

Roasted trout from Svartárvatn with potatoes, salad and chives dressing

Beef fillet with roasted vegetables, pepper sauce and French fries

Pork with cold pepper sauce, French fries and roasted vegetables

Vegetable lasagne with bread and salad


Homemade blueberry icecream with whipped cream

Hot rhubarb pie with whipped cream and caramel sauce

Hot chocolate cake with whipped cream

Crowberry cheesecake

Carrot cake with whipped cream

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